As a BSI registered company, approval to BS EN 9001:2008 is considered important, but only a starting point.

Reilloc's quality assurance system involves many additional test procedures of a non-destructive nature as well as destructive testing at different levels of manufacture. We believe in testing to more arduous and extensive limits beyond normal international specifications for mining-chain to ensure we manufacture a product that has proven quality and reliability for consistency around the world.

In addition to statutory tensile testing, all chain manufactured by Reilloc is 100% non-destructive tested. The design of all our products is aimed at providing reliable performance with safety. Involvement with the user on operational conditions ensures a dialogue that is essential for the continuing development and improvement of the company's products. It is our policy to advise all customers on systems of chain management to assist in obtaining longer life and reliability in the never-ending quest to reduce operational costs underground.